Patient-Reported Outcomes in cancer research

The PROMOTION project is an international research initiative aimed to answer key questions about the added value of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) in cancer research.

This initiative led to the development of the PROMOTION Registry, that is a large database, containing information regarding, for example, the PRO assessment methodology, the statistical design and the outcome reporting of published studies in oncology with a PRO component, which are identified through systematic literature searches.

This database contains data on cancer randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and it is being enlarged to also include non-RCT studies.

Latest publications

Project Team

Learn more about the PROMOTION project team members: Fabio Efficace, Johannes Giesinger, Neil K. Aaronson, Rajshekhar Chakraborty, Amélie Anota, David Cella and Francesco Sparano

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Get involved

If you are interested in joining the project, and having an active role as collaborator within our international team, we are happy to consider your involvement.

Given the large amount of data collected in this Registry, there might be several opportunities for getting involved.

Who we are

The Gimema Data Center “Health Outcomes Research Unit” has the purpose of developing and managing high quality clinical research programs mainly aimed at improving the Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) of patients with haematological diseases, and of contributing to continued improvements in healthcare provision.

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