Get involved

Given the large amount of data collected in this Registry, there might be several opportunities for getting involved.

Joining the PROMOTION Registry as Collaborator

If you are interested in joining the project, and having an active role as collaborator within our international team, we are happy to consider your involvement.

If you have some experience in PRO research, you might be involved in one or more steps of the workflow, depending on your level of expertise in this area. As an example, you might be involved in the screening process or in reviewing relevant papers and in extracting information. Of course, other types of collaborations are possible and we are happy to consider these on a case-by-case basis.

All those working as collaborators, are entailed to become a co-author of one or more articles (depending on the amount of time invested in the project).

Send an email

To learn more joining the PROMOTION Registry, please send an email to the project manager:

Making a scientific proposal to prepare a manuscript

An alternative way to get involved is proposing a research question for an abstract or a scientific manuscript to be submitted to a peer-review journal.

In this case, you might also lead the writing of a manuscript. We particularly welcome proposals focused on:

  1. PRO methodology 
  2. Clinically oriented research questions

Typically, a one-page proposal describing: rationale, objectives, methods, and a time plan is sufficient.
Evaluation criteria of submitted proposals will include:

  • Feasibility of research plan considering the data available from the PROMOTION Registry.
  • Appropriateness of the research methodology.
  • Previous experience with PROs in cancer research of the investigator
  • If a proposal is accepted, you will closely collaborate with our data managers, statisticians, and the steering committee to devise an appropriate research and statistical plan.

Send an email

To know more details, or request a scientific proposal template, please contact our project manager: